Configuring AC & AP

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Configuring AC

Apac rf ap.png

1. Go to Rogue/Friendly AP under AP Controller

2. The Default State of any New APs that connects to the AP Controller can be chosen here

3. All the APs that are connected to the Controller will be listed here under Rogue/Friendly AP List

4. If the MAC address matches with the AP to be controlled, click on the radio button under Friendly

5. Hit Apply to turn the new rogue AP into a friendly AP

AP List

Apac ap list.png

6. Going into AP List, a list of friendly APs will be listed here. We can also see that the AP has received an IP from the Gateway (or Access Point Controller) and “Connect” under State

Configuring SSID List

Apac ssid list 1.png

7. Go to SSID List

8. Click Add SSID Profile

A new page will open up

Apac ssid list 2.png

9. Give a name for the SSID Profile Name

10.Enter a SSID name

11.Here you can choose whether or not to Broadcast SSID

12.Choose a security encryption method, WPA/WPA2 Personal Mixed Mode is recommended

13.Choose a Wireless Security Algorithm for WPA, AES is recommended

14.Enter a password for the security method

15.In Access Filter, you can set policies to deny or allow new devices (by MAC Address) to connect to the AP

16.Click Apply for the settings to take effect

Configuring Radio List

Apac radio list 1.png

17.Go to Radio List

18.No need to change the Radio Type, leave it as default 2.4G

19.Click Add Radio Profile button

A new page will open up

Apac radio list 2.png

20.Enter a name for the Radio Profile

21.Select a Network Mode, 11bgn Mixed Mode is recommended

22.Select a Country Code

23.Choose the SSID that was named in Step 10

24.Click Apply for the settings to take effect

Configuring Group List

Apac group list 1.png

25.Go to Group List

26.Click Add Group Profile button

A new page will open up

Apac group list 2.png

27.Enter a Group Profile Name

28.Choose the Radio 2.4G name that was just added in Steps 17-24, if not, one can be added by clicking on the Add Radio Profile button

29.Enter the MAC Address of the AP that is being configured

30.Enter a Name for the AP

31.Click on Add to List for the AP MAC and Name to be added to the list

32.AP's MAC and Name that has been added will appear here

33.Hit Apply for the settings to take effect

If done correctly, the AP will now be broadcasting its SSID, and the portable device should be able to see and connect to it.

Station List

Apac station list.png

Finally, in Station List, you are able to see all of the devices' MAC address that is currently connected to the AP, as well as the SSID that the device is connected to.

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