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DHCP setup 

With an embedded DHCP server, it supports automatic IP assignation for LAN computers. (This function is similar to the DHCP service in NT servers.) It benefits users by freeing them from the inconvenience of recording and configuring IP addresses for each PC respectively. When a computer is turned on, it will acquire an IP address from the device automatically. This function is to make management easier.

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Dynamic IP:
Client lease Time: Check the option to activate the DHCP server automatic IP lease function. If the function is activated, all PCs will be able to acquire IP

                      automatically. Otherwise, users should configure static virtual IP for each PC individually.
Range Start:       This is to set up a lease time for the IP address which is acquired by a PC. The default is 1440 minutes (a day). Users can change it

                      according to their needs. The time unit is minute.
Range End:          This is an initial IP automatically leased by DHCP. It means DHCP will start the lease from this IP. The default initial IP is


DNS (Domain Name Service):
This is for checking the DNS from which an IP address has been leased to a PC port. Input the IP address of this server directly.
DNS (Required) 1: Input the IP address of the DNS server.
DNS (Optional) 2: Input the IP address of the DNS server.

If there is a WIN server in the network, users can input the IP address of that server directly.
WINS Server:      Input the IP address of WINS.
Apply:              Click “Apply” to save the network configuration modification.
Cancel:            Click “Cancel" to leave without making any changes.

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